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Baggage Allowances

Baggage Allowances

Free Checked Allowance

Proflight Operated Flights

Checked Baggage Free Allowance


Fare Type

Domestic *


Excess per Kg

 Firecracker (All except Y & B class)

  15 kgs

  23 kgs

ZMW20 / ZAR30

   Classic (Y and G Class)

  23 kgs

  23 kgs

ZMW20 / ZAR30

   Flexible (B Class)

  30 kgs

  30 kgs

ZMW20 / ZAR30

Cabin Baggage:




Hand Baggage




Infant 'Baby Bag'




* A limit of 15 kgs applies on all routes to/from Kasama

Code Share Flights operated by Rwandair

Economy Class

Business Class


Cabin Baggage

30 kgs

40 kgs

10 kgs

10 kgs

Excess Baggage charges  

  • Save money and time at the airport by purchasing an additional 15 kg excess baggage allowance online at, at Proflight Zambia offices, travel agents; selected Lodges and tour operators; this fee is non-refundable.
  • Once at the airport the only option is to pay the standard Excess Baggage fee of ZMW20 per kg (Zambia and Malawi), ZAR30 per kg (South Africa).  There is a maximum limit of 70kg of excess baggage allowed per seated passenger.
  • Excess baggage is on a standby basis and is subject to space and is only loaded once flight is closed and the Captain authorises the loading of the additional bags.

               Excess Baggage Allowance –Two maximum per Adult

  Prepaid Flat Rate Cost

Up to 15 kg excess baggage


(approx. USD20 or ZAR270)

Connecting from/to International Flights

If you have a ticket issued by Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways or Rwandair for your Proflight Zambia flight, the following free baggage policy applies:
  • The baggage allowance of the ticketing airline will also apply on the Proflight Zambia flights.
  • Extra baggage allowances given to members of the ticketing airlines’ Frequent Flyer programme will not be honoured by Proflight Zambia.
  • The turbo-prop aircraft used by Proflight Zambia cannot carry the same payload as a large jet aircraft and for safety reasons we may not always be in a position to transport all the permitted interline baggage on one flight.
  • Offloaded baggage will be sent Priority status free of charge on the next available flight. Proflight Zambia is not liable for delays in the transportation of the baggage to its destination or costs incurred by passengers for the collection of 'Standby' baggage. 
If you have a ticket issued by Proflight or any airline not listed above, the Proflight Zambia baggage policy will apply.

Children & Infants

  • Children have the same free checked baggage allowance as Adults.
  • There is no free checked baggage allowance for Infants but one hand-baggage ‘baby bag’ not exceeding 3kgs is permitted. 
  • A pushchair/car seat or pram is permitted free of charge (only one piece per infant); due to payload limitations it may not always be possible to carry the buggy/car seat on the same flight.

Sports Equipment

Golf bags, bicycles, surfboards, fishing gear, etc form part of your free checked allowance. Sports equipment exceeding the free checked weight allowance refer to Excess Baggage charges section above.  Sports equipment is not subject to the maximum dimension limit for baggage, however due to aircraft baggage hold limitations, any equipment measuring more than one metre in any direction should be pre-cleared for carriage through our Central Reservations office , at least 48 hours before flight.  For firearms, please see webpage Before You Fly/Firearms.

Unaccompanied baggage and cargo

Cargo, heavy bags of more than 32 kg, excess baggage above the maximum limit and unaccompanied baggage on schedule flights (except to/from Lower Zambezi) must be booked with our Cargo agents, BidAir Cargo,, who will collect the charges due.

Cargo and unaccompanied baggage on flights between Lusaka and the Lower Zambezi should be booked directly with Proflight Zambia subject to payment of the Excess Kilogram rate shown above. Enter your request on the 'Feedback Form'.

Storage of Excess Baggage

With a minimum of 72 hours’ notice passengers can arrange for excess baggage to be stored at the Proflight Zambia storage facilities in Lusaka free of charge. Please send us your request using the 'Book Left Luggage' link in Contact Us-tab on Please report to the Proflight Ticket Office in the Departures Hall at Lusaka airport where our  staff will escort you to the baggage storage area. Proflight Zambia will not be liable for any loss or damage to  stored baggage.


Checked Luggage – Proflight Zambia will not accept items not covered in our limit of liability in or as checked baggage and assumes no responsibility or liability for such items, regardless of whether Proflight Zambia knew or should have known of the presence of such items in checked or transferred baggage. If any such items (camera equipment, jewellery, computers, videos or optical equipment, etc.) are lost, damaged or delayed, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement under our standard baggage liability, or under any declared excess valuation. Do not attempt to check these items. Carry them with you in the passenger cabin (subject to carryon baggage limitations).

Baggage which is already damaged, contains fragile items, is inadequately packed, is not admissible in the cabin or is on 'Standby' will be accepted subject to ‘Limited Liability’, meaning that these liability limits may not apply.

Notice of Baggage Liability Limitations

Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. For most international travel, including domestic portions of international journeys, the liability limit is approximately US$9.07 per pound or US$20.00 per kg for checked baggage and US$400.00 per passenger for unchecked baggage.

Time Limit for Action

Baggage claims: Written notice to the carrier must be made within 7 days of the receipt of checked baggage in the case of damage, and, in the case of delay, within 21 days from the date on which it was placed at the disposal of the passenger.

If you have travelled recently with Proflight Zambia and you wish to report a lost or damaged bag please 
download a Claim Form from the Contact Us tab on the home page, Please ensure that you submit your baggage tag if making a claim.